Concert for Mourning and Hope Day

Concert for Mourning and Hope Day


We invite you on June 14th. 18:30 all to a concert dedicated to the Day of Mourning and Hope in Siauliai Apostles Peter and Paul Cathedral.

The concert will feature Franz Joseph Haydn's Missa in tempore belli . Haydn created this piece in 1796 . In Eisenstadt, Austria is actively involved in a military campaign that has accompanied the events of the Great French Revolution that have shaken Europe. Military Mass is one of the fourteen Masses created by the great Viennese classic. From time to time, the work is called Paukenmesse (Timpan Mass) for the use of timpanes in orchestration. It is said that the main purpose of the composition is to express resistance to war-borne troubles, tension, and peace.


Rosana Stemanetian (soprano)
Oksana Auškalnytė (viola)
Tadas Jakas (tenor)
Vilius Trakys (boss)
Šiauliai State Chamber Choir "Polifonija" (art director Tomas Ambrozaitis)
Šiauliai Chamber Orchestra (Artistic Director Ričardas Šumila)

Conductor Tomas Ambrozaitis

Concert Raimonda Sližienė

The concert is free!

Event organizer: Siauliai City Concert Sun

Event Sponsor: Siauliai City Municipality

Event Partners: Siauliai State Chamber Choir Polifonija < / p>

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