37-th Festival “Resurrexit“

2019 April 22 - April 28

The 37-th Easter Music Festival Resurrexit is organized by Šiauliai State Chamber Choir Polifonija. It is the oldest representative festival of professional art in the city, known in the country and in Europe, one week after St. Easter becomes a mecca for professional music.

Easter is the biggest Christian holiday with deep traditions. She witnesses the resurrection of Christ every year. It is no coincidence that the oldest festival of academic music in Northern Lithuania is called Resurrexit (resurrexit - lot. Resurrected). This word symbolizes the Savior's Resurrection. In addition, the most important concerts of the festival take place in St. The Apostles Peter and Paul's Cathedral, which is the center of religious life in Siauliai. He is one of the most important and interesting cultural events in Šiauliai. It has become common for the festival to take place during the Easter week. This year, it is planned to organize nine concerts, which will take place in Šiauliai Cathedral, Šiauliai Švč. The Virgin Mary Church of the Immaculate Conception, Šiauliai Chamber Hall "Polifonija", Plungė Oginskiai Palace and Baisogala Manor Palace.