Word „Resurrexit“ means „resurrected“. Resurrection of Jesus Christ is associated with upliftment and renewal of our spirit, readiness to build a house of light in our souls. Our spiritual condition relies completely on our attitude towards people, objects and phenomena. The world is as we see it.

A hope of the revived life is strengthened by the sun shining brighter and by the spring embracing people and nature warmer and warmer with every day. We believe that this year Easter will be different and even more special and every person will find the strength to rise in spirit, to foster brighter thoughts and deeper faith. 

Festival „Resurrexit“  that will take place for the 39th time, an inseparable element of the spring, Easter and Resurrection, will welcome those longing for new musical discoveries and unforgettable encounters. Thus, we will gather together again and will breathe freely, while enjoying the warm spring weather. Let us open our hearts for the light and for the good feelings, let us grow and share them with others. Let us be united by culture, art and faith!

Have a nice Easter and meaningful Resurrection!