This year marks the 40th anniversary of the festival.Traditionally held during Easter week, the event is still one of the largestand most important musical celebrations in all of Northern Lithuania. Resurrexit aims to focus attention on what is truly valuable and foster asense of respect for the past. The festival's milestone birthday is a testamentto its longevity and relevance, and commits its organisers to continue seekingvariety and novelty, raising the festival to increasingly more ambitiousheights.

Festival goers will be delighted by a week's worth of concerts,which will surprise with the variety of their programmes. Listeners will beinvited to various musical encounters by musicians from Lithuania, Germany,Italy, Switzerland and Ukraine.

The festival programme is enhanced by its educational content,aimed at current and future music professionals and scholars of religiousmusic. The programme will continue to honour the festival's conferencetradition by hosting the conference “Religious music: art, research andpractice’. This year’s event will be dedicated to the 700th anniversary of thecity of Vilnius.

A new feature of the festival is the Study Tour,dedicated to young musicians from Lithuania and abroad. This activity willcontribute to the development of their musical and managerial competencies aswell as other skills, encouraging the positive representation of Resurrexit inLithuania and the international context.

Have a great festival experience and a meaningful celebration ofthe Resurrection!