Artistic Director and Chief Conductor Tomas Ambrozaitis

Like a human being, the choir has its life stages. When the age of the choir approaches the age of 45, the most important stages are highlighted. 1974 – early childhood, when the old music ensemble founded by the choirmasters Danutė Vaičiulionienė and Sigitas Vaičiulionis performed their first concert, where music of Renaissance and Baroque epochs was performed, in the hall of Šiauliai Pedagogical Institute on 31 December. This was not only the birth of a new music group, but also the tradition of inviting the citizens of Šiauliai to send off the old year with music on New Year’s Eve. Later on, the ensemble’s activities expanded, the number of concerts increased, and after five years the group has been given the name of the choir Polifonija and the status of the People’s collective.

The culture of choir performance, repertoire and abundance of concerts led “Polifoniją“ towards new creative achievements. In 1986, the choir outgrew its teenage amateur shirt and became a professional team – Lithuanian State Philharmonic Chamber Mixed Choir of Šiauliai.

In 1998, the choir separated from the Lithuanian National Philharmonics and became a mature Šiauliai State Chamber Choir “Polifonija”. Since then, the choir’s status has not changed, only the repertoire, the repertoire of Renaissance and Baroque works, which have become the „Polifonija’s“ tradition, is being replaced by the works of composers of various epochs and countries, with great attention to the spread of Lithuanian choral music in Lithuania and the world.

The Choir “Polifonija“ regularly performs in various countries of the world conducted by excellent national and foreign conductors, such as Saulius Sondeckis, Juozas Domarkas, Gintaras Rinkevičius, Vytautas Miškinis, Vaclovas Augustinas, Modestas Pitrėnas, Robert Šervenikas, Ravil Martynov (Russia), Vladimir Begletsov (Russia) , Karmina Silec (Slovenia), Georg Mais (Germany), Mats Nilsson Sinden (Sweden), Magnus Wassenius (Sweden), Ingo Ernst Reihl (Germany), Anthony Trecek-King (USA), Richard Bjella (USA), Ferdinando Sulla ( Italy) and others. The biography of concert tours includes Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Austria, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, France, Latvia, Estonia. The choir has performed with the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra, Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra, St. Christopher’s Orchestra, Klaipėda State Musical Theatre Orchestra, Lithuanian National and Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra Hamburger Camerata, Lviv (Ukraine) Philharmonic Orchestra, St. Petersburg (Russia) Symphony Orchestra and other string and wind orchestras from different countries. Every year the choir participates in various music festivals in Lithuania and abroad, thus spreading the charm of Lithuanian choral music.